Emrah Seçkin - Creative Director @ Harper's Bazaar Germany

Glamorous fantasy women! The idea was born and Nuno Da Costa was the perfect artist to transform this idea into today’s Harper’s Bazaar cover. Stella Maxwell was the model and she looks strong and cheeky at the same time. It looks mesmerising. We have totally the same fashion sense and we talked a lot before Nuno started work about how the model could be and how she could move. Every time I see his finished work it feels like opening a treasure box.


Toria Sefton - Creative Director @ British Vogue

Nuno's work radiates sophistication and timeless elegance. His drawings have a unique effortless style about them that I'm sure before long we'll be seeing everywhere. He was a joy to work with.


Caryn Franklin MBE @ Fashion Commentator and Co Founder All Walks Beyond the Catwalk

Nuno is one of the few conscious fashion illustrators working today. He is aware of his power to set trends and agendas, and in addressing the body of the woman with empathy and understanding he is able to show a broader range of beauty and inspire up-and-coming illustrators to think outside the box rather than delivering the fashion formula of elongated cartoon or sexualised doll.

I love the glamour, the fashion and the artful rendering he brings to all of his images. Most of all I love that the beautiful illustration he created for All Walks Beyond the Catwalk - of a more curvaceous body - proves that fashion illustration has a crucial role to play in the body diversity debate.


Neil Moodie @ International Editorial Hairstylist

I have been hairdressing within the fashion industry for 20 years and I first met Nuno in 2006 when I had just been appointed co Beauty Editor for Wonderland Magazine with make-up artist Lisa Butler. We were looking for new, experimental ways to present beauty within the magazine. Nuno showed me his portfolio, which I was very impressed with from somebody so new into their career. We began working on a project, creating beauty imagery through his illustrations where by he would illustrate faces based on the current make-up trends. Once they were finished we built hairstyles on top of the illustrations using hair extensions to create a 3D illustration. These were then photographed and returned back to a 2D image for the magazine.

Nuno was an integral part of how these images were created. For somebody so early into their career, he was completely open to new ideas and suggestions, yet continued to be meticulous about his illustrations being of highest standard. His input was invaluable! 

Nuno has gone on to produce some amazing works since that project, for top publications and high-end brands. I highly recommend him as somebody who is original with his work as well as an absolute perfectionist but is also easy going enough that he can collaborate with other creative’s without ego, making him an absolute joy to work alongside.


Phil Vehap @ Think Brands NYC Inc

“It is rare to meet an illustrator who is both creative and business oriented. Nuno is very talented, efficient and decisive and makes it happen when you need it. I highly recommend him”


Timothy Rennie @ Hotel Chocolat

It was some years ago that I had the pleasure of being introduced to Nuno's work by a very creative friend of mine. As soon as I saw it I recognised how special it was. I was especially drawn to his very textural full colour work; utterly sophisticated and beautiful. Then the simple elegance of his black line work. I was happy during my time on Vanity Fair to recommend him to a colleague on Vogue who subsequently commissioned Nuno.

All the time I was looking for a project for which I could commission him and finally, on taking up the role of Creative Director for the luxury British chocolatier and cocoa grower Hotel Chocolat I was able to commission him to create the first image to go on to our cocoa cups under our line - Edible Luxury. It has been a huge success and even admired I believe by Mary Portas when she visited Roast+Conch in Covent Garden.

Working with Nuno is a pleasure. He understands a brief and works in collaboration with his client so one feels that it's a very creative process. 

I'm now on the search for the next project I can commission Nuno Da Costa to do.